The style, design, and craftsmanship of handbags have always fascinated Rinnie. From a young age, she developed a deep appreciation for the finer aspects of shape and beauty by observing family members involved in the fashion industry. Now a self-taught fashion designer in her own rite, Rinnie translates her passion for style with a line of luxurious, affordable handbags and clutches.

In November 2012, she displayed her first collections from her humble closet to a close circle of girlfriends. Bolstered by their immediate interest and positive feedback, Rinnie – together with her girlfriend and avid fashionista, Catherine – decided to share the collections with the world. Mozaik was born!

Mozaik is the art of using individually unique pieces to craft a single beautiful image. The collections are all about crisp color, playful sophistication, and a modern take on glamour – unmistakably effeminate luxury. Mozaik bags fuse classic cuts and playful details in the season’s hottest shapes and colors.