In a simple and humble studio, Mozaik features a team of artisans who are incredibly dedicated and passionate about their work. Our artisans have been in the bag-making industry fro more than 15 years in their life and their skills goes from generation to generation.

The entire bag-making process takes place in Mozaik’s studio. The folding and measuring, cutting and stitching, then hammering and perfecting is all done in-house. The process takes between 8 and 24 hours from start to finish, with our artisans aiming for the perfect aesthetic.

Mozaik bags feature great attention to detail and a sense of pride that sets them apart; each bag is one of a kind. The team at Mozaik believes in our core value: Care and craft is far more important than mass production. Following that theme, we believe in creating handbags that will last and be more like a lifelong companion than a simple accessory.

Mozaik bags are handcrafted with love sophistication.

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